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Give your loved one a premium cremation for a low price at Fourtowns Cremation, Inc.

You'll know your loved ones ashes are with you. Your loved ones' will stay in our family owned, in-house crematorium until the cremation is complete. All work is licensed and done by staff at our facility.

Save with inexpensive cremation Use our internal cremation service Cremation Urns

All cremations

are done in-house

Welcome to Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. Our licensed cremation facility provides cremation services for families in Deltona, FL; Orange City, FL, and neighboring Volusia County communities. Our family-owned funeral home offers a wide range of affordable cremation products and we manage the cremation and arrangements to alleviate a small portion of the enormous stress that families endure after the loss a loved one.


All work is performed by the professional staff at our fully state-licensed and CANA-certified facility for your peace of mind. We treat your loved one with dignity and respect at every stage of the process. We oversee the entire process, from the time of initial transportation until your loved one’s ashes are with you.


A growing number of people are visiting a funeral home during their lifetime for preplanning purposes. This process enables individuals to make decisions about cremation and funeral arrangements during their lifetime. In addition to saving costs, this is a way to remove the financial and emotional burden from their families.


Further information about our cremation services, and a price list with details about the services included in our fees, can be found on this website. Please contact Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. at 386-774-8055, if you are looking for affordable cremation service in the Deltona, FL or Orange City, FL areas, or to discuss preplanning.

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