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For an unmatched level of dignity and peace of mind, choose Fourtowns Cremation, Inc to fulfill the wishes of your loved one to be cremated. Each year, we handle more cremations than any other cremation society in West Volusia County.


We'll take care of all phases of the entire process, beginning with the transportation of your loved one's body. Our professional, certified staff personally performs the cremation procedure and the processing of cremated remains.

Experienced Cremation Specialists

Cremations are performed in-house

All our cremations are handled at our crematory location and are performed at our own on-site facility. Your loved one's body will not leave our care or our building. All our cremations are done at a reasonable price - according to 99.5% of the clients who took our written survey.


The entire process is completed at our location, under our direct supervision and control. Our positive identification process can help give you peace knowing it's your relative or close friend.

Call us now for experienced in-house cremation service.

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CANA-certified and state-licensed cremation service